What is Impingement Syndrome of the Ankle?

Impingement syndrome of the ankle is a disorder caused by a spur of bone that has formed at the bottom of the shin bone at the ankle joint. As the foot is pointed skywards, the spur of bone can impact on the talus bone of the foot, or more commonly catch some of the lining of the joint like a pincer. This causes a nipping pain.

The foot points skywards during driving - for example taking pressure off a pedal. Nipping commonly occurs with running, limiting running distance. Sometimes, it occurs with walking alone. The pain is located at the front of the ankle joint, usually to the outer aspect of the front.

The spur is a reaction from the body to minor injuries to the ankle joint. This is frequently seen in sportspeople, especially footballers of all abilities. There may not have been one injury that can be remembered that caused the problem. A fracture of the ankle in the past may be related to a spur.

Sometimes, impingement can occur at the back of the ankle. This is commoner in individuals who spend a lot of time on tiptoes, such as ballet dancers.

If you have similar symptoms, it is best to see an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in foot and ankle surgery. You should have x-rays taken in a standing position - this may demonstrate the spur.

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