What is an Ingrowing Toe Nail?

An ingrowing toe nail occurs when the nail of the toe grows under the skin on either side of the toe. The skin can become irritated by this, causing considerable discomfort, or can become infected.

Often, ingrowing toe nails occur because of aggressive toe nail clipping. when the toe nail is clipped back too much at the side, the skin falls over the top of the cut area and when the nail grows back, it can grow into the soft tissues at the side. 

Tight shoes can push the toe nail into the skin, or an injury to the toe can split the nail plate but an abnormality of the toe nail itself can lead to ingrowing. Rarely, an abnormality of the underlying bone in the toe can cause a problem.

If you have an ingrowing toe nail, there are a variety of specialists who may be able to offer you treatment. Your chiropodist or podiatrist may be able to offer you advice and simple therapies to prevent ingrowing toe nails forming. If the ingrowing toe nail recurs, or never really settles, you should see and orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in foot and ankle surgery. If you have an infection, antibiotics will help to settle this down, but surgery is often required if you have had an infection. X rays are sometimes required, if there appears to be extra bone forming under the toe nail, but you will be advised on this by your specialist.

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