What Happens?

The postoperative rehabilitation depends on the type of surgery that you have had. If you have had the tendon lengthened in your calf, then you will be using a splint that is supplied to you before leaving hospital. If you have had nerves released, then you will have a flat postoperative shoe as you will not be able to wear a normal shoe with the heavy dressings applied.


You will have had injections to numb your foot so that you are not in pain after the operation. This injection will wear off after 18-24 hours, so you must take regular painkillers so that you are not in severe pain when the injection wears off.

The pain will settle over a few weeks. You may see blood stains on the dressings. This is normal and not a cause for alarm. If blood is dripping from the dressings however, return to hospital.


There is usually not a lot of swelling if the tendon has been released. If the nerves have been released then there will be some swelling of the foot, but most of this has settled within a few months of surgery, although some swelling may persist for up to one year.


You have been given a postoperative shoe that is for your comfort when you walk, as you will not be able to fit into a normal shoe with heavy dressings applied. Crutches are for balance only.


Tight calf muscles contribute to plantar fasciitis discomfort. You should have had a stretching programme prior to surgery. This should be continued postoperatively. Ideally, you should perform these exercises twice a day indefinitely.


You will be wearing the special shoe for two weeks.  I advise that you do not return to work before this, especially if you are on your feet all day at work. We will remove your stitches at that point. Most people can return to work after that and drive once they are able to fit back into a normal shoe. Remember that not everyone is the same, and some people take a longer time to recover from their surgery. Please request a sick note before you leave hospital, if you need one.

night splint for

tendon release

postoperative shoe

for nerve release

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