What is a Fibroma/

A fibroma is a swelling in the sole of the foot. It is usually in a layer of the foot called the plantar fascia. It consists of a firm nodule or swelling of scar like tissue.

Fibromas can occur either as single lumps, or a collection of lumps. The same disease exists in the hand, where it is known as Dupuytren’s Disease. Often, patients who have a plantar fibroma have coexisting Dupuytren’s Disease in their hands.

The swelling can cause pain and irritation, as it is forms a pressure point on a shoe. Unyielding shoes feel worse, and training shoes may feel more comfortable.

Fibromas are not the only cause of swellings in the sole of the foot. There are several causes that can only be differentiated by tests such as an MRI scan.

If you think that you have a fibroma, it is best to see an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in foot and ankle surgery. Xrays may demonstrate if there is another cause for the swelling, but commonly an MRI scan is performed if there is any doubt, so that your mind can be put at rest.

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